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Frequently Asked Questions

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BCS delivers a wide range of office and commercial cleaning services. From daily office cleaning, to warehouse & factory cleaning services and deep-cleans, carpet-shampooing / carpet-cleaning, window cleaning, etc.  


We are about delivering high-quality commercial cleaning services to local businesses, at competitive rates.


For more information about BCS’ services, please click here to visit our Services page.



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Does BCS provide commercial-cleaning services?


Yes, we focus purely on delivering cleaning services to local businesses within the Essex area.



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Do you provide domestic (residential) cleaning services?


BCS only caters for commercial cleaning, we do not provide domestic cleaning services.


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What areas does BCS work / provide service?


Our typical radius includes: Basildon,  Brentwood, Chelmsford, Grays, Rayleigh, Southend, Thurrock, Wickford, and surrounding areas.



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How can I arrange a quotation?


Simply give one of our friendly team a call on 01268 492 800, or send us an email.


We will be more than happy to provide you with a no-obligation, quotation, free of charge.



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Health & Safety


BCS takes Health & Safety at work seriously and we operate robust Health & Safety systems, ensuring that all activities are appropriately risk assessed and managed.


For more information and to continue reading, click here.



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COSHH - Control of Substances Hazardous to Health


COSHH and the issue of appropriately managing chemicals used on site is a big concern to many businesses; BCS can remove the headache for you!  


All chemicals used on site are COSHH assessed and all staff are trained in the use and storage of those chemicals supplied.


To carry on reading or for more information, please click here.



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Colour-coded cleaning systems


You will be pleased to know that BCS uses clear colour-coding systems throughout its cleaning processes, to help minimise and stamp out cross-contamination.


For more information or to carry on reading, please click here.



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Human Resources

To ensure compliance and that staff are treated fairly and equally, BCS operates a comprehensive HR system and is fully committed to equal opportunities.

For more information or to carry on reading, please click here.



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We use a variety of different training methods, including video / DVD and computer based training models.


For more information or to carry on reading, please click here.



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Liability Insurance


Naturally, BCS carries full public liability and employer’s liability insurance.



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Office Cleaning


BCS delivers high-quality office cleaning services as a core part of its business, throughout the Essex area. Click here for more information about areas covered.


We can customise an office cleaning service to suite every type of environment and industry to ensure that your office is kept clean and looking its best.


For more information about BCS’ office cleaning services click here.



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Warehouse & Factory Cleaning


As a part of the wide range of cleaning services that BCS provides, we also provide high-quality warehouse and factory cleaning services. Our services don’t stop with office cleaning.


To read more about BCS’ warehouse and factory cleaning services click here.



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Logistic-Centre Cleaning Services


If you’re running a busy logistic centre, you will be pleased to know that BCS also delivers cleaning services tailored to meet the individual needs of logistic centres and distribution centres.


Our services don’t stop with office and warehouse cleaning services. Click here for more information.



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Window-Cleaning Services


Naturally, window cleaning forms a regular part of those cleaning-services offered by BCS.


We recommend regular window-cleaning to help ensure that our customers’ premises always look their best, but as always, services can be tailored to meet the individual needs and budgets of each client.


Window-cleaning services can either be built in, as a regular part of a client’s cleaning service, or they can be ordered on a customer call-off basis.



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Carpet-Cleaning Services


As you would expect, Business Cleaning Services also offers carpet and upholstery cleaning or shampooing services to its customer base.


Carpet and upholstery cleaning services by BCS can either be built in as a regular feature of a client’s regular cleaning services, meaning that one monthly account for cleaning services also includes all periodical services, or of course services can be ordered on a customer call off basis.


Individual customer needs naturally vary with each customer’s industry and staffing levels. Some of our customers have quarterly carpet cleaning built in to their regular cleaning services, others have had monthly carpet cleaning services incorporated, and some simply prefer to order carpet or upholstery cleaning as or when they feel that they need it.


BCS offers its customers different types of carpet cleaning services, including traditional water-extraction methods (carpet-shampooing), using professional grade equipment and chemicals, spot-treatments and chemical-mechanical treatments leaving carpets ready for use in a fraction of the time of traditional shampooing methods.


Whatever your needs, we can tailor a cleaning service to help keep your workplace looking its best.



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Vinyl-Floor Scrubbing and Resealing


BCS offers its client base a range of vinyl floor cleaning solutions, including scrubbing, stripping and resealing of traditional vinyl finishes, and mechanical scrubbing of more modern slip-resistant vinyl floors.


As with our window-cleaning and carpet-cleaning services, vinyl-floor treatments can either be built-in to regular cleaning services, helping to keep your business in tip top condition throughout the year, or of course scrubbing / resealing works can be ordered on a customer-call off basis.



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Deep Cleans


BCS offers its clients washroom deep-cleans, kitchen deep-cleans, office deep-cleans, etc.


Services can either be incorporated into part of a regular cleaning schedule or can be ordered on a customer call-off basis.



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Washroom Consumables


For maximum customer-convenience, BCS can supply a wide range of washroom consumables, delivered direct to your door, all at competitive prices.


But, for those customers that would rather continue buying toilet rolls and other washroom consumables from their existing supplier, or even the local supermarket, that’s fine too.



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Sanitary Bins


BCS is pleased to be able to offer its customers the option to rent sanitary bins directly from BCS.


As part of our washroom services, we can also offer a range of additional washroom products and services including air-fresheners, sanitary disposal bags, urinal management systems, etc.


For those customers that would prefer to rent sanitary bins separately, that’s fine too. There’s absolutely no pressure. We are pleased to offer our customers the convenience of a one-stop shop, but there’s no requirement to purchase everything through BCS.



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Dust-mats are the first barrier between the outside and your workplace, and, BCS is pleased to offer its customers a complete service including dust-mat rental, with mats exchanged and laundered regularly.


As with washroom services, there’s absolutely no pressure to rent dust-mats through BCS as part of your cleaning services; we aim to provide our customers with maximum convenience and flexibility. For those customers that prefer to remain with their existing dust-mat supplier, that’s no trouble at all.



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One-off Cleans


BCS regularly carries out one-off cleans or deep-cleans for its existing or regular customer base. Subject to existing schedules we can sometimes offer one-off cleans to outside businesses too, feel free to ask.



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Contact Business Cleaning Services (BCS)


Please click here to visit our Contact page, or simply call 01268 492800.



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Call BCS Basildon - 01268 492800



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